UPDATE: Tips are in cash only. Check-in time is 15m before a massage and 30m before a body scrub.


A Look at Korea’s Culture From the Bathhouse

The New York Times

My friend Arcadia Kim has three children and a Harvard business degree, but when she tried to negotiate on our behalf with the lady in charge of exfoliation at the Dragonhill Spa in Seoul, she did not stand a chance. We were standing in the heart of the jimjilbang, or Korean bathhouse, in a steaming, all-female bathing room where scrubs are administered (as they are across the land) by strict middle-aged women, more than a few of them with potbellies, who wear nothing but sexy black lace bras and underwear. Arcadia had whispered to me that the women were ajummas, which means “aunties” and connotes matronly, working-class women known for no-nonsense warmth and authority... Read more >

How a Korean Spa Can Keep You Lean, Rejuvenated and Sexy

Huffpost Healthy Living

"How do you de-stress, maintain your energy with a super-busy schedule, and stay so lean?" ... Read more >

Luxury Aveda-concept Korean spa opens in the Bay Area

The Palo Alto Daily News

Immersion Spa blends traditional Korean spa treatments with luxury American spa amenities for an upscale, holistic approach to wellness — A current craze amongst A-list celebrities – often considered trendsetters when it comes to the spa world – Korean spas have grown in popularity for the experience, health and beauty benefits they offer. Now, Bay Area residents and visitors can experience all the benefits of traditional Korean spa treatments, but with modern, upscale amenities at the first Aveda-concept Korean spa in the Bay Area, Immersion Spa... Read more >

Steam Player: A Korean Hall of Steam, Ice, Massages and Jade

Urban Daddy

You've been back at work for a few hours now, and frankly, you deserve a little something. Like a cookie. Or a gleaming palace of jade and massages. Either/or. Take off your clothes for Immersion Spa, a modern Korean day spa that will scrub, plunge and knead every last coherent thought from your blessed-out body, now open in Palo Alto... Read more >