UPDATE: Tips are in cash only. Check-in time is 15m before a massage and 30m before a body scrub.

Spa Pass

Good for Day $40
Come in to soak, steam, and relax! Natural light cascades down and fills the spa while you enjoy the comfort of a good soak or refreshing dip. We have multiple amenities in the spa :
  • Hot jacuzzi and ice plunge pool
  • Eucalyptus infused steam sauna
  • Herbally infused dry sauna
  • Himalayan Salt Room for women & Jade Room for men
The hot pool soothes the body and opens up pores, while the chiller pool does the reverse by stimulating the skin and tightening up pores. You can breathe easy in our Eucalyptus infused steam sauna, or recharge you energy in our herbal infused dry sauna.

Flip flops, swimsuits or outside clothing are not allowed inside spa areas. We provide robes and towels. The spa amenties are gender separated, and nudity in these areas is customary.

A Spa Pass is $40 and can be purchased at the spa only.  The fee is waived for any treatment services!  No re-entry is allowed.
woman with flowers in foreground