UPDATE: Tips are in cash only. Check-in time is 15m before a massage and 30m before a body scrub.

About Us

Front of immersion spa

Located in Palo Alto, our spa provides a true immersion into Korean spa culture in light-filled urban oasis dedicated to wellness and inner calm. Immersion Spa & Sauna is inspired by ancient Korean practices, consisting of Jjimjilbangs (Korean spas), refreshing full body scrubs, and traditional Acupressure massage.

Our desire to honor these traditions in a contemporary spa atmosphere creates a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience within our 6,000 square foot top-of-the-line facility. You can purify your body with the use of our spa, target problematic areas with therapeutic treatments, or simply enjoy a relaxing day with friends or family.

Come by soon to begin (or continue) your journey to health, wellness and relaxation!